•  2-7 High Value Kitchen and Bath Appointments Per Day
  •  Over 35,000 Facebook Fans
  •  More than doubled website traffic
  •  4,000 Messenger Marketing Subscribers
  •  Nearly 30,000 Email Subscribers
  • Improved Email Open Rates & Click Through Rates 
  •  Improved Branding, Web Presence and User Experience
  •  6-Figure Generating Live Events

Please tell us your name and some background about yourself as a Business Owner.  

My name is Todd and I’ve owned my business for over 12 years. We’re a chain of remodeling retails stores which also offer design and installation services.  

Who is YOUR target audience? (Who do you sell to?)  

We target homeowners in particular, females 35-65. We also work with contractors, interior designers and property managers.  

Before working with Allie Bloyd Media, what was your process for growing your business and improving marketing efforts? 

We were doing TV, asking people for their email at checkout and we would send some emails every now and then. 

How would you describe your process for growing your business and improving marketing efforts in one sentence prior to using her marketing services? 

 I had TV stations help with commercials and had an employee to manage our graphic design and email marketing. 
What were the specific challenges you faced growing your business and improving marketing efforts that way?  

Not targeting the higher end customer that we wanted, or showing people all of the different levels of products and services that we offered. Their perception of our business wasn’t what we wanted it to be overall. We weren't getting the big projects or regular "leads".

What was the worst part about growing your business and improving marketing efforts before you started working with Allie Bloyd?  

It took a lot of time on my part dealing with the TV aspect. I also didn’t have anyone who was a high level marketer so any complex ideas couldn’t be implemented. I understand marketing, but things change so quickly it was hard to keep up or find someone that could actually figure out the steps. Nothing was very trackable, we didn’t generate leads, just tracked foot traffic. Web traffic wasn’t great and our web design didn’t really show anything we offered.

What led you to look for a "better way" for growing your business and improving marketing efforts?  

My employee moved, so I started looking for better marketing solutions. I found Allie and she had the knowledge and skills that I was looking for. I decided to give her a try and she’s been working with us ever since.  

How long had you been looking for a solution before you found Allie Bloyd?  

About 6 months.  

How did working with Allie Bloyd Media help you with growing your business online and improve marketing efforts?  

Our marketing is completely transformed because of Allie. We have a streamlined, predictable online strategy. We have completely different and substantially better tv commercials. We get our ideal leads daily from Facebook ads, anywhere from 2-7 appointments daily. Our SEO has more than doubled and our website is much more user friendly and informative. It actually shows all the products we have, which are thousands. That in itself is a huge feat. People can shop our site now, which was not even possible before. She’s developed some really powerful content and videos for our audience and her live events blow me away each and every time. We’ve gotten 6 figures in sales from single events. 

Was it you who worked directly with her?  

Yes, I work directly with Allie.  

How did working with Allie Bloyd make / save money?  

I don’t have to outsource so many things that I used to have to outsource, like writing, commercial creation or design. She’s made me so much money that her fee is a small drop in the bucket in comparison.  

How did working with Allie Bloyd help you save time and / or avoid effort?  

I don’t have to manage anything marketing related thanks to Allie’s strategy, direction and solid plans that she’s put in place.  

What specific results did you get with Allie Bloyd?  

We can attribute millions to her marketing campaigns, I see 6 figure sales from her events. Our email list has grown to nearly 30,000, our facebook likes are over 35,000, our website traffic has almost tripled since she started working with us and we’re seen as an expert in this business. We’ve grown over 15% in one year which I believe is due to most of what she’s done. In our business that is very rare. We’ve adopted messenger marketing using facebook chatbots and grew our subscriber base to about 4,000 in a little over a year. With open rates and such, that’s about the same as having 20,000 email subscribers. We’ve been able to track millions in sales from our facebook ads and online leads. We’ve generated about $5,000,000 worth of leads in a single year.

How long did it take you to get those results?  

We started to get results pretty quickly, in terms of branding, web presence, and strategy. She’s been working with us on this for about almost 4 years. Our initial year was getting everything overhauled and ready to take it to the next level. The last 2 years have been all about strategy and growth and now we really focus hard on lead generation. 

Read on below...
What went well or better than expected during the process of using her marketing services?  

Everything has been great overall. We’ve done more than I ever knew possible for our business. The growth I’ve seen in all areas, especially kitchen and bath has been huge for us.

Thinking back to the beginning, how has Allie Bloyd changed how you feel about the process of growing your business online and improving marketing efforts?  

I’m just shocked at the power of online marketing and the other offline marketing efforts she does. The facebook ads, webinars, funnels, chatbots, it’s kind of complex but she makes it look simple.  

What would you say to a Home Improvement Business Owner who is "stuck" in the process, or who hasn't even gotten started yet growing their marketing?  

That Allie knows what she’s talking about. She always finds a solution in one way or another and really has a strong grasp of this industry and how to position your company. It may seem like you have a lot to do, and you may have a lot to do, but you’ve got to get started and Allie is the one to help you grow.

What is your advice to others who might be considering working with Allie?  

Do it.  

What do you see is the long-term impact of using Allie Bloyd?  

The long term impact for us has been millions of dollars, over thirty thousand fans online, tens of thousands of messenger and email subscribers and a total new marketing plan. I get stopped all the time from people telling me how awesome our facebook marketing is and the leads that come in speak for themselves.

Any final thoughts you'd like to share about Allie?  

She’s one of the hardest working people I know and really cares about the companies she works with.  

What would YOUR life be like now WITHOUT working with Allie?  

I would be really struggling with putting our marketing pieces together, mainly because I don’t have the time to manage it myself. It’s difficult finding someone who can do great work, gets things done quickly, and can actually turn ideas into reality. There aren’t that many full stack marketers out there.  

What would your reaction be if I told you that Allie Bloyd would soon be unavailable? What would that mean to you and your business?  

I would be very stressed thinking about having to find someone else or another solution. She’s been dealing with it all for so long that I don’t even have to think about it unless I want to. She keeps it running smoothly on a daily basis that it’s a major weight off my shoulders. Thinking about that is pretty terrible honestly. I don't think I could find someone who could do half of what she does, or as well.

Do you think the investment in Allie was worthwhile? Why?

Absolutely. Because she makes more money for our company than we pay her by 10 fold. She makes my life easier, the lives of our sales team better because they’re getting leads from her without having to do any work to get them, and she really thinks outside of the box to make our customer and store experience better. She designed two apps for us that help our designers and installers, which doesn’t have much to do with marketing, but she cares about the business as a whole, and how marketing ties into sales and customer service. She gets the business, and she gets marketing. She is the right girl for the job.

Would you recommend the Allie to a friend or colleague? 

I already have. She’s working with a friend of mine in Chicago and is about to start working with a Commercial Realtor I work with.

How would you describe Allie’s work if you were explaining it to a friend?

Master Marketer. Great person.

What do you love about working with Allie?  

That she’s a people person. She explains things clearly and always has a smile on her face. She works really hard for us. She has a passion for the business in general and is always looking to solve problems.  

What challenges with growing revenue and increasing awareness do you see on the horizon for every Home Improvement Business Owner and how do you see Allie helping with that? 

That you need to be online if you want to make it in today’s world of business. You need someone like Allie who can help you get your business on the right track and stay there. Things are changing every day, you have to be able to adapt. She can help you develop the right strategy and implement it with little time or effort on your part, which as a business owner means everything. She’s not another employee you have to manage. She works independently and efficiently. 
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