How to Create “Click-To-Call” Ads In Facebook

 Today, we’ll cover how  you can get more leads and more phone calls by using Facebook Click To Call Ads! If you’re in the home improvement or real estate industry, few things are better than a phone call from a hot lead. In the world of digital marketing, human connection still reigns.  Guiding prospects to the call is easier than you think

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Creating Entry Point Offers For Home Improvement Businesses

Today, we’ll discuss creating marketing offers for home improvement businesses. An issue I see with many home improvement retailers, dealers or businesses is the lack of creating entry point offers for their clients. This makes it very difficult to gain traction with social media or online marketing. Do you know the difference between your product or service and your offer?

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How to: Use Interact Quiz to Generate Leads

In today’s blog, I’m going to discuss quizzes for lead generation, and specifically Interact Quiz! Quizzes are THE number one lead magnet type at the moment. They engage your audience, provide a fun activity for them, provide value, give you some really valuable information about your prospect if done correctly, AND generate mass amounts of leads! There are many quiz

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2018 Digital Marketing Trends: What You NEED To Know

We’re more than halfway through 2017 and marketers already are looking ahead to 2018 to determine the New Year’s direction for their digital marketing campaigns. Many are wondering if they should stay the course they charted in 2017 or make changes. Here are six developing digital marketing trends to consider, both for the rest of the year and beyond. Personalized

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