Home Improvement Advertising: Educate Audiences to Drive Sales

home improvement advertising

I’ve spent many years in home improvement advertising, and there is one underlying strategy that has worked time and time again. This strategy generates consistent high value remodeling leads and sales.

The strategy I’m talking about is Education Based Marketing. Education can be used in virtually any advertising medium to help increase brand awareness, lead generation and ultimately drive sales.

I have used these exact strategies to generate 300% web traffic increases, fill up live events, generate high dollar kitchen & bath appointments every day on autopilot, and drive 7 figures in sales.


Why does Education Based Marketing Matter for Home Improvement Advertising?


For those of you who don’t know, what is education based marketing? Education based marketing is using informational content to build trust with consumers. People do business with those that they know, like and trust. This type of content can create those bonds, even if you’ve never met. You can establish yourself as a credible expert that is worthy of their time, money and loyalty.

This is so important for home improvement or home service businesses for several reasons.

  1. Typically this is a large investment. They need to feel confident in order to give you this amount of money.
  2. The industry can have a reputation of “disappearing contractors” taking money and running. You need to establish trust.
  3. You’ll most likely be in this person’s home. Again, trust.
  4. You are dealing with their most valuable asset; their home. If you don’t do a great job, they could lose money, or even be subject to injury.
  5. Competition is fierce. Big box retailers are growing at rapid rates and independent retailers and dealers are popping up left and right. You need to be able to stand out.
  6. Some products are becoming commodities. The right education can show the difference in products or services in order to establish it as better, and not available anywhere else.

There are 4 Key ways that I’ve used Education Based Marketing to drive a high number of leads and sales for my clients in their home improvement advertising plans.


Ways to Use Education In Home Improvement Advertising


Below are the four different ways that I’ve seen massive success using education in my content marketing. You can use all 4, or just one. The choice is up to you, but the more places that you can make this education available to your clients or audience, the better.

  1. Educational Videos
  2. Lead Magnets
  3. Blog Content
  4. Facebook Messenger

Let’s explore each one of these formats and the best ways to use them in your online (or offline) home improvement advertising.

Educational Video

I’ve used video with my clients with great success on platforms like youtube, Instagram, facebook, in sales funnels and on their website.

Videos do a few things. First, they allow you to build rapport in a way that you can’t in any other medium. You can show people your enthusiasm, your effortless knowledge and your passion for your products or services.


home improvement advertising video


No matter how you feel you look on camera, this is an important skill to work on, as the world is moving more towards video every day. For example, I did this blog in a video form on Instagram and Linkedin. Now, I’m writing it in blog form for those who prefer to read. You want to capture all the ways that people like to consume media.

Depending on your specific business, the topics will change, but here are some quick video ideas:

  • Design Inspired – 10 products to get the Fixer Upper look in your home!
  • Product Related – How Luxury Vinyl is Made & Why It’s Important
  • Installation Related – The Dangers of DIY Cabinet Installation told by a Pro
  • Project Related – The top 10 mistakes that 90% of Homeowners make in a kitchen remodel.
  • Industry Related – The renovation projects that are increasing home value in today’s market
  • Comparisons: Engineered Hardwood vs. Solid Hardwood – What’s the difference?

I could literally go on for years with topics, because there is so much to choose from! You can do video in a few different ways as well.

Video Formats

  1. You on camera
  2. Voice over with animation
  3. Whiteboard explainer video
  4. Stock videography with text
  5. Stock videography with voiceover
  6. Slideshow images
  7. Interview Style
  8. Text on screen, Video Sales Letter Style

No matter what you decide to do in terms of format, you NEED to be investing either time or money into video. Most home improvement businesses I work with think they need someone in house to do this, but we outsource dozens of videos for our clients. So you have options.



Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are pieces of content designed to generate leads, some “hot” and some “lukewarm” depending on the type of content and who you’re sending it to. You’re trading this content for an email address and name. You’re getting them into your “ecosystem” so that they can get to know you better and will ultimately buy from you.

Lead magnets are very powerful in home improvement advertising because it allows you to identify what someone is interested in and then market those products or services to them.

Examples of home improvement lead magnets include:

  • Complete Guide to Windows Ebook
  • 10 Kitchen Designs and The Products You Need to Create Them
  • Kitchen Remodel Checklist
  • Flooring Comparison Guide
  • Bathroom Vanity Buyers Guide
  • Countertop Installation Checklist
  • What’s your bathroom style quiz
  • Find your perfect flooring quiz
  • Are you capable of a DIY renovation? quiz

Again, the list goes on. What do customers ask the most questions about? Make a guide for it and offer it up for free in your ads and on your website to drive high level level leads.


It’s crucial that you include blogging into your home improvement advertising strategy. If you want to increase your website traffic organically over time, this is THE way to do it. Not only that, you would want to create the content anyway for emails, lead magnets, videos, etc., so why not add it to your site and reap the benefits?


blogging home improvement


I can’t tell you how strong blog content is for home improvement companies. People are actively seeking this information online. You just need to provide it to them. In the right format of course. The key to blogging is being strategic about keywords, being consistent, and setting up the blogs themselves to actually drive conversions and turn visitors into appointments.


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The blog topics are endless. Just get my free guide and your content creation will become a breeze. Switch it up of course, because you want your keywords to fit with what your market is searching for.

Facebook Messenger

Finally, we get to Facebook Messenger. Many of you may not be familiar with this. If that’s the case, that’s a blog for another day, as I could go on about the power and ability of messenger to reach your ideal customer.

In a nutshell, this is marketing through Facebook messenger instead of using something like email. However, I choose to use them both. I don’t discriminate! There are very specific rules for getting “Messenger Subscribers”, but once you do, you can educate them in so many fun ways!

Messenger has up to 5x the open rates of email and up to 10x the click through rates of email. Subscribers will actually respond to you and you can get honest feedback like never before.

I’ve had ENORMOUS success generating leads directly through messenger in a conversation format (that is automated).

I have set up educational sequences that trigger based on specific actions that educate, showcase fun before and afters, serve up videos, and then drive the subscriber to make the appointment.


Let’s Wrap It Up


I know it’s a lot to take in, (and that’s not even all of it!) but it’s extremely important that you integrate education based marketing into your home improvement advertising plan if you want to see a huge ROI from online advertising.

For some businesses it feels overwhelming. How are they ever going to do all of this? Well, that’s where Allie Bloyd Media comes into play. I am an expert in the home improvement and renovation fields. I am educated in a way that allows me to create this content for you, which means no more scratching your head for ideas, or trying to delegate and oversee.

My business actually focuses on providing EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR MARKETING that you need. We can handle it all. You don’t have to manage the day to day, we know what needs to be done, and we do it.

I’d love to talk to you about your home improvement advertising needs and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

If you’re ready to dive in yourself, then go for it! The best way to learn and improve is to simple try. And keep trying. Good luck!


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