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Facebook Experiment: A Tool In Testing Facebook Ads

Q: A lot of our audience members are navigating Facebook ads for the first time. Can you please do a top-level walkthrough of each of the elements found in the new Experiments section — What are the tests it replaces or combines? What information do they provide? Why is that useful? A: THEY DO NOT APPLY TO PAST CAMPAIGNS OR

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Understanding Traffic Temperatures in Local Business Marketing

In digital marketing, there are three levels of traffic, which we call traffic temperatures. This refers to the level of familiarity that they have with you and your business. Because of this, they need to be spoken to in a way that reflects that. There are different audiences and goals for each temperature, which will guide your advertising as a

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Where To Focus First When Using Facebook and Instagram Ads For Your Local Business

Where to focus first This is a question I get often. Most local businesses have no idea where to focus first when it comes to optimizing or fixing their ads. They spend their time worrying about tweaking and optimizing the wrong things and never are able to focus and establish why things are or are not working. Your ad has

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How Do I Create an Online Quiz for My Business?

Quizzes are one of the best ways that home improvement or remodeling businesses can grow their email lists, engage their audience, and add a little fun to their social media or web assets! A quiz will allow to do 2 things: Allow your audience to self identify as a potential customer by simply taking the quiz Allow you to diagnose

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How To Choose The Right Facebook Ad Objective

CHOOSING THE RIGHT FACEBOOK AD OBJECTIVEHi guys Allie Boyd here, and if you’re watching this video I can only assume it’s because you want to understand Facebook ad objectives.  Facebook ad objectives are the first step in creating your Facebook Ads, so you really need to understand the differences, when you would want to use one over the other, and how

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