Home Improvement Advertising


How Do I Create an Online Quiz for My Business?

Quizzes are one of the best ways that home improvement or remodeling businesses can grow their email lists, engage their audience, and add a little fun to their social media or web assets! A quiz will allow to do 2 things: Allow your audience to self identify as a potential customer by simply taking the quiz Allow you to diagnose

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QUIZ: How Ready is Your Home Improvement Business For Digital Marketing?


Creating Entry Point Offers For Home Improvement Businesses

Today, we’ll discuss creating marketing offers for home improvement businesses. An issue I see with many home improvement retailers, dealers or businesses is the lack of creating entry point offers for their clients. This makes it very difficult to gain traction with social media or online marketing. Do you know the difference between your product or service and your offer?

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Home Improvement Advertising: Educate Audiences to Drive Sales

I’ve spent many years in home improvement advertising, and there is one underlying strategy that has worked time and time again. This strategy generates consistent high value remodeling leads and sales. The strategy I’m talking about is Education Based Marketing. Education can be used in virtually any advertising medium to help increase brand awareness, lead generation and ultimately drive sales.

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