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The 5-Day Local Content Creation Challenge is here.

Join my Free 5-Day Local Content Creation Challenge & Post Your Way to Profits!
If you've tried to create content for social media, email, blogs, or videos, you're probably...
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Worried you'll spend all your time creating
  • ​Not sure how it will help you make more sales
  • ​Confused about how to create a plan
  • ​Unsure how to systemize the process
  • ​Concerned your audience won't like it
But Not Anymore.
Day 1: Content Strategy
We'll cover what you need to do to put together a strategy that will allow you to create an effective plan that you can actually follow!
Day 2: Content Topics
Without the right topics that attract the right avatars, feed in to the right offers and identify triggering events, your content will fail.
Day 3: Content Plan
We'll map out where you want to publish your content, how frequently, at what times of day, and with what connecting assets. This will serve as your roadmap for execution.
Day 4: Content Creation & Repurposing
How to quickly and effectively execute content that fits into your plan and can easily be repurposed to give you more content in less time!
Day 5: Monetize & Analyze
Learn how you can make your content work for you to fuel your sales goals, reach new audiences, push new offers, while understanding what's working and what's not!


What would it look like if you never had to wonder what to post, didn't have to worry about constant creation, and your content had real value?
You can have a content strategy that drives sales without sucking your time, but you need a plan, and my help.
People are spending more time that ever online...
and when 90% of purchases start online, you know you're missing out


Content is one of the single best ways to develop a stronger relationship with your local community and become their go-to resource on your industry.
When you don't have a strategy, you post without a plan. Because your content has no real thought behind it, it's not driving sales and you can't track the results.
without effective creation systems
you'll always feel behind
You need to be producing content consistently, but because you don't have systems in place, you'll always be spinning. your wheels just to keep up.
I wanted to give my highest recommendation for working with Allie Bloyd, especially when it comes to digital marketing for local businesses.. If you're thinking about working with Allie or signing up for her challenge and you are a local business, it's an absolute 100% yes, don't even think about it. Allie is not only an incredible marketer, she's also an amazing human, which very much matters. So go ahead, get involved, you won't regret it.
Molly pittman
CEO, Smart Marketer


I'm Allie Bloyd, an Award Winning Marketer for Local Businesses, and I want to help.
Content marketing is a big part of my local marketing strategy, which focuses on digital marketing on social media channels. 
But, what I've realized is that local business owners have no idea what their content marketing needs to look like.
If you don't have a clear content strategy that will fuel your business goals, a plan in place to guide the individual steps you'll take, you'll never be able to efficiently and effectively create content, thus lessening the results you'll see from you online marketing. In this free 5-Day Challenge, I'll show you how to do all of these things in the easiest way possible.
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