How to choose the right facebook ad objective
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How To Choose The Right Facebook Ad Objective


Hi guys Allie Boyd here, and if you’re watching this video I can only assume it’s because you want to understand Facebook ad objectives.

 Facebook ad objectives are the first step in creating your Facebook Ads, so you really need to understand the differences, when you would want to use one over the other, and how they kind of work to deliver your ad to the right people, so I’m gonna go through all of these with you!

 I’m going to tell you some of the do’s and don’ts and my personal experience in running Facebook Ads that have been really, really successful.

So as you can see, you’ve got three columns: awareness, consideration, and conversion. It goes back to the entire marketing funnel, which is cold traffic, warm traffic, and hot traffic.‚Äč

You’ve got awareness for your cold, consideration for your warm, and conversion for your hot.



So under awareness you’ve got brand awareness. The metric that’s going to be used to determine the effectiveness of brand awareness is “ad recall lift”. So this is not something that I personally believe is really easy for Facebook to track, but that is the metric they’re gonna give you. What’s cool about brand awareness for local businesses is you can actually have a “Call Now” button on your ad that will go directly to your phone number. It is the only ad objective that allows you to do that, so that’s what makes it unique.


Reach is simply going to help you get out to the most people possible.


Under consideration we’ve got traffic, so this is going to be clicks to your website, landing page views, things like that – getting someone to your external page.


Engagement is going to be an ad or a post looking for likes, clicks, and shares. This can be very, very powerful, even if your goal is conversions. You could end up using the engagement objective and get a better result in many instances.


App installs. This is going to be for people trying to sell apps. I never really use it it’s not something that me or my clients will ever need, at least not at this point, so don’t know a ton about it, nor do I really think I need to.


Video Views. This is another powerful consideration objective. Honestly it could go in the awareness column as well because you’re just looking to get your video out to as many people as possible who could watch it.

You can use this as your cold traffic ad. It’s gonna build your warm audiences really quickly. You can get one, two, three cent video views. What you’re then gonna do is going to create audiences based on people who have watched 25%, 50%, or 75%, so that you can target them later with offers based on what your video is about.

Video views is something I use all the time. I highly encourage it for newer advertisers to start building their warm audiences quickly, so create a really educational helpful video and get started!


Lead generation is going to be for lead forms. This is a form that they click on and it opens directly in facebook. It’s going to auto populate with their personal information and you can add some custom questions. It’s really great for a lot of local businesses, however the downfall is that sometimes your quality of lead could be lower because if the email address that Facebook has on file for you is not the email you currently use, if you don’t manually change that, you’re goint to be giving the advertiser a bad email address. That is really kind of the only thing that I’ve seen with that is that the leads can sometimes be a little bit lower quality. But it really depends, so you just need to test it out.


Messages is one of my favorite objectives! I love using messenger marketing .Connecting my ads directly to messenger is really powerful. This is going to be for a JSON ad, this could be a click to message ad, so you are just looking for people who want to communicate with your business.

Only do this if you have an action for them once they get to messenger, don’t just let them click to messenger and decide what they want to say. You want to prompt them, you want to tell them what they need to message or comment or click on. There’s a lot that goes into that, but it’s a great objective to use.


Then you’ve got conversions. Conversions are going to be something like someone’s signing up for an estimate, signing up for an appointment, a webinar, an event, making a purchase, etc. These are all conversions. Facebook needs about 50 conversions per week to really optimize for this, so if you don’t have the budget for that or if this is a higher dollar product and you’re not going to get 50 conversions a week, it’s probably best to use something like traffic or even engagement (even potentially reach). Even though your goal is conversion, you can use other objectives to still achieve that goal. It all depends on your business, your budget, your product, and your audience at the end of the day.


Catalog sales is going to be used for retailers or e-commerce businesses. This is going to be for dynamic product ads. It’s gonna pull in your product catalog and show the offerings to people and allow them to buy.


Store visits is something that’s really exciting! It’s not rolled out worldwide yet, only select advertisers have access to it. Unfortunately I don’t have access to it yet, so I’m just patiently waiting until that day. It’s basically going to allow you to do what you can do with AdWords, which is track people who’ve engaged with your ad that come into your physical location. This is insanely powerful for bricks and mortar locations and businesses. I will be definitely using that a lot when I’m able to really track it.


So that is an overview of marketing objectives and Facebook Ads! Ultimately, you always want to begin with the end in mind. If your goal is to get sales, you need to start testing with conversions, traffic, engagement, and reach. You don’t know which one’s gonna perform better, so test them out!

You can easily a/b test, so just don’t assume that you’re  using the right one. However, you can still plan it from the beginning so that you have a better shot of actually achieving your goal.

That’s all I have for today! If you liked this article and video, please comment, share, and subscribe to get a lot more information on Facebook ads, messenger marketing, email marketing, and online marketing  as a whole.

I specialize in the home improvement and real estate industry and I’m passionate about sharing my information and I’m glad I was able to help you here today!

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