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Where To Focus First When Using Facebook and Instagram Ads For Your Local Business

Where to focus first

This is a question I get often. Most local businesses have no idea where to focus first when it comes to optimizing or fixing their ads.

They spend their time worrying about tweaking and optimizing the wrong things and never are able to focus and establish why things are or are not working.

    Your ad has to capture the attention of the audience long enough for them to read.Then, your copy needs to be compelling enough to get them to click. Without clicks on your ad, you can’t convert anyone

So that’s where you have to start focus first by getting your ad to actually produce the results that you want, whether that’s:

    EngagementVideo viewsClicks to your landing pageClicks on your messenger

Whatever that goal is or that destination is, you can’t convert without the traffic.

The traffic is important. You want to test those outs before you worry about testing your destination such as landing page or form.

You do want to think about where you’re gonna send them and why.

There are different types of audiences that respond better to different destinations, so you need to take that into account as well.

There are some markets that I’ve seen that love messenger. There are some that they don’t. They’re a little confused on how to use it. Maybe it’s not as commonplace in that market. You won’t know without testing.

Sometimes you would want to send them to just a booking link. If this is something where you feel like you can get that actual commitment either for a call or for an appointment, you could absolutely send them directly to that link.

Sometimes you may want to test lead forms. There are definitely some do’s and don’ts with lead forms; they can generate more leads, but sometimes the information is not always accurate.

Sometimes they can be a little lower quality. There are ways to absolutely maximize them and increase the quality but that is something you want to think about. If you don’t have strong follow-up systems, lead forms may not be the best option for you.

So thinking about why you’re sending them to the place you’re sending them, and then figuring out how you’re gonna optimize that when you start to generate traffic.

In this order, these are the things I typically would test:

    Your offer firstThen your audienceThe creative and copyFinally your destinationThen tweak follow up

I hope this helps! Are you testing this way, or just winging it? Make sure you take the time to do it right!

Have questions? Drop them below. Want to talk about working together? Visit alliebloydmedia.com/local-call to schedule a time to talk!

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