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Understanding Traffic Temperatures in Local Business Marketing

In digital marketing, there are three levels of traffic, which we call traffic temperatures. This refers to the level of familiarity that they have with you and your business. Because of this, they need to be spoken to in a way that reflects that. There are different audiences and goals for each temperature, which will guide your advertising as a whole.

The goal is to funnel them through each level. The ad type is going to be different based on which traffic temperature they’re in.

Cold traffic – we’re educating and building an audience.
Warm traffic – We’re trying to offer something to get them to convert.
Hot traffic – retargeting to convert, to ascend, or validate.

You want to segment the audience based on what they engage with. Your content should be very tailored to the products and services that you offer.

If you do this in an educational way, you’re going to really see:

    Who is very interested?
    Who is moderately interested?
    What topics or services or products are they most interested in?

For instance, let’s say you have a blog and it’s on a specific question that someone would have before purchasing a product that you offer.

If someone clicks on that blog, they’re raising their hand and saying, “I have an interest in this”. Even if they don’t read that blog, they’ve still allowed you to segment them based on their interest.

The next ad, they should receive should be directly tied to that product that they showed interest in.

So again, not just building an audience of people who like your funny cat video, but it needs to be so tied to your products and services that it allows you to send those targeted ads that are going to be more successful.

By doing this, you are creating this smaller audience of people that you can show your offers to, but essentially you can do that at a lower cost because they’ve already signified that they have an interest in this.

If you’re trying to send your offers directly to cold traffic, it’s going to be far more expensive, a lot more inconsistent, and less successful than using this strategy.

Ultimately, it may not work at all moving forward.

Let’s look at some of the differences.

Cold Traffic:

For cold traffic audiences, you’ll be using:

    Saved audiences
    Look-alike audiences
    Demographic, interest and some behavioral targeting

You want to turn cold traffic into warm traffic, segment, and build the relationship.

Warm Traffic:

Your warm traffic audience is going to be someone who has engaged with you or visited your website.

These custom audiences include:

    People who have viewed your videos
    Those people who have gone to your website
    Some people who have read your blogs
    Those who have liked, commented or shared your Facebook or Instagram post content
    Possibly your email list

The goal at this level is to convert:

    To get an email subscriber
    To get someone to convert on your offer

Hot Traffic:

Hot Traffic is often going to be your list of past buyers, past clients, or current leads that have not converted.

The goal at this level is to upsell or cross-sell or get them to convert after they have shown several signs of strong interest.

Again, validate that the decision to work with you is going to help them. That will help them follow through and ultimately purchase from you. Nine times out of ten if you’re a local business, your actual transaction is happening offline. We can’t let them go the moment they sign up as a lead, because the battle isn’t won just yet.

There are still steps they need to take, such as:

    getting on a phone call
    getting to an appointment
    buying additional products or services

We have to make sure that the lead is not wasted and we maximize every opportunity.

Remember, the way you target, speak to, and funnel people in will be different at every traffic temperature, so if you’re not segmenting these groups currently, it’s time to implement NOW.

Have questions? Drop them below. Want to talk about working together? Visit alliebloydmedia.com/local-call to schedule a time to talk!

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