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Are you an Action Taker?

Many business owners get stuck in a cycle of stagnant growth. They know they need to be doing more, but they don’t have the time to execute. They purchase new digital platforms, but never put them to work. They might hire a Virtual Assistant, but managing and delegating the tasks is a full time job in itself. Not to mention that they don’t ever fully understand how your business works. Maybe you’ve tried to hire employees for this, but realize that they may have some, but not all of the skills that you need. Your sales are flat, your morale is low and your stress is high.

Not having a tailored solution and solid strategy in place, or simply hiring the wrong team members, can cause you serious stress, financial losses and waste a huge amount of time that takes you away from high level tasks in your business.

Are YOU ready to finally move forward and break the vicious cycle?

If you’re an action taker, I want to work with you! If you’re ready to skip past trying to piece it all together on your own, you understand that investing in sound, practical, creative advice and experience will pay back several fold over the long term.

If you’d like to be considered as one of the people I work with directly each month, click the link at the bottom of the page to schedule your business analysis call!

Save Time

Stop TRYING to do it all, your focus should be your products & services. Delegating the work to various freelancers is also very time consuming.

Save on Overhead

Hiring full time employees costs you additional overhead such as benefits, employment taxes, and more. Outsourcing can help to avoid this.

Accelerate Growth

When you have a solid plan, strategy and team in place to market your business and generate leads, your business will grow much quicker and easier.

How it Works

Each month, I select a few people from those that apply to work with them through my Consulting or Done-For-You packages. I focus heavily on quality versus quantity. The people I choose to work with are serious about taking their business to the next level. They refuse to accept mediocrity in their own lives, or their businesses. My clients can expect structured virtual support to a high degree of excellence that they may not have known was possible before. It’s a working relationship built on trust, where you do what you do best, and you allow us to do the rest!

I require complete transparency at every stage of the process in order to give you the best advice and support, and I promise your information will be kept private. Here’s how it works:

Phase 1: Connection Call & Initial Proposal

By clicking on the button below, you’ll be taken to my calendar where you can schedule your initial Discovery call. Before our call, you’ll be sent an assessment that will help us understand if you’re a good fit for our business. If after review, we believe this could be a beneficial partnership, you’ll move on to the discovery call itself.

In this call, we’ll go more in depth into your business and the questions on our application. We’ll see where your specific pain points are, and where our best opportunities for growth lie. You’ll then have the opportunity to decide if we should move on to phase 2, the Business Intensive Session.

Phase 1 is completely free and painless. Click the button below to get started and schedule your breakthrough call today!

Phase 2: Operations Plan, Marketing Strategy and Support Reccomendations

If you choose to move forward, there will be a fee (fully refunded should you choose to work with 1:1) for Phase 2, the Business Intensive stage. This stage includes a lot of analysis and time to create a comprehensive game plan for your business. Based on my expertise, I’ll deliver a well thought out and fully customized Online and Offline Marketing Plan for your business.

This process will give you a clear vision for your marketing, completely laid out for you. We’ll cover creative, offers, content, website framework and integrations, ad and social strategy. We have a 2 hour call to review. This will give you a big picture look at what needs to be done moving forward. If you choose our done-for-you service, the fee will be credited back to you.

Phase 3: Execution & Ongoing Support

Phase 3 is where you’ll make the decision of how you’d like to move forward with this vision. You have total flexibility and can choose to:

A. Take the plan that I’ve delivered, and implement it yourself.

B. Hire me as your Marketing Consultant, including, my online marketing course, training documents, creative asset library and content vault, and then use your OWN team for the rest. We would be there to assist, strategize and guide, while your team would deliver the technical aspects & execution.

C. Hire Allie Bloyd Media for the set up, execution and ongoing support with a custom Done-For-You package.

The Business Intensive is truly valuable whether you choose to work with us 1:1 or not and is always the ideal first step.

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