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How Do I Create an Online Quiz for My Business?

Quizzes are one of the best ways that home improvement or remodeling businesses can grow their email lists, engage their audience, and add a little fun to their social media or web assets!

A quiz will allow to do 2 things:

  1. Allow your audience to self identify as a potential customer by simply taking the quiz
  2. Allow you to diagnose and prescribe a solution for your prospects problem on a personal level.

Both of these help your online marketing efforts substantially.

The question I often get asked is, HOW would I go about writing a quiz? It seems complicated and time consuming. Is it really that difficult?

The answer is NO! It’s not that hard if you have a plan going in. Quizzes are hugely beneficial, but if done the wrong way, you’ll waste your time, so I’ll cover the 6 easy steps you can take to create an engaging quiz in no time at all!

How To Create A Quiz

Step 1: Deciding on your topic

This is the single most important step in the quiz creation process. A quiz won’t help your online marketing efforts if no one wants to take it. There are three types of quizzes that perform the best:

  1. The “Killer” Quiz – What’s your downfall, what’s your worst quality, etc.
  2. The Graded Quiz – Ex: How Good of a DIYer are you? Get your score!
  3. The Identity Quiz – What’s your bathroom design style, what HGTV personality are you?

Putting your quiz in one of those 3 categories is usually a good idea. These have been proven to be the most clicked on and most popular.

Then, you want to decide what what product or service your quiz will be about. I would always choose the option with the highest potential, highest interest and/or highest margin. You want to sell people something via your quiz. You want to make it as easy as possible to do that.

If you’re a kitchen remodeler, you could do it about kitchen remodeling as a whole, or about kitchen cabinets specifically. The choice is yours. You can always create more over time, so no pressure!

The final step in picking your topic is to make a list of your customers most asked questions. Try and find a question that you could “answer” or address with your quiz.

Step 2: Picking your platform

The second step is which quiz maker will you use for your online quizzes. I have two favorites:

  1. InteractQuiz
  2. Thrive Quiz Builder

Both of these quiz building tools are easy to use and will give you a great end result. Creating a quiz can be easy, you just need the right tool to start you off on the right foot.

Step 3: Creating Your Offers

Your quiz needs to be designed to SELL YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES! Do not forget this. So the question is, what can you offer your your audience related to your quiz topic. Now, don’t forget, your product or service is NOT your offer (see my last blog if you need to read up on this!).

For instance, if you’re doing a quiz on kitchen remodeling,  you could have a loss leader: Free sink base cabinet, you could have a gated content offer: A step by step kitchen remodeling video series, kitchen remodeling webinar or live event, or a product preview offer such as free kitchen design or a free estimate. Map these out first.

Step 4: Crafting Your Outcomes

Now that you know what you want to offer your audience, you need to create your outcomes. You do this before ever deciding on your questions.

If we’re using the offers above:

  1. Kitchen remodeling video series
  2. Free Sink Base Cabinet
  3. Free Kitchen Design or Installation Quote

What types of outcomes could we create to fit within these offers?

If your quiz is a scored quiz on Kitchen Remodeling DIY skills “Are you Ready For a DIY kitchen remodel? Get Your Readiness Score Here!”, then, you need to build levels of readiness as your outcomes.

  1. “You’re READY to take on a DIY Kitchen Remodel!” This could be an offer for a free sink base cabinet. Because they can install the products themselves, they just need to buy the products. People never just need 1 sink base cabinet. It needs to match the rest of your cabinets, so getting this free sink base can lead to an entire cabinet and/or countertop purchase. This offer will vary depending on if you sell products or just install, but you get the idea.
  2. “You’re not quite ready for a DIY remodel, you need some more info!” This offer would be your event, webinar or training series. This could get you an email subscriber to continue to market to, or build a strong trust and connection so that they use your products or services.
  3. “You’re not a good fit for a DIY Remodel” This could be free design services or install quote. They are NOT a good fit to do it themselves, so an obvious next step is for you to do it for them!

See how that works?

Step 5: Building Your Questions

Now that you have your offers and your outcomes, you need to build questions that will address each of the outcomes. I suggest that for people just starting out, you have the same number of answer options per answer question as you do outcomes, so for this example, 3 options.

Then, you need to lump your topic into “buckets”. Anything that you find important in this topic or category should be included.

Examples of “Buckets” for DIY Kitchen Remodeling:

  1. Power Tools
  2. Design and Layout
  3. Project Management
  4. Budgeting
  5. Working with Pros such as electric and plumbing
  6. Knowledge of Building Codes

You can break a few of them down into one or two sub categories if you feel it will have a big impact on determining the outcome. A good quiz is usually 8-15 questions max. You don’t want it to be too long or short, just enough to give you the outcome that is most accurate.

Example Question:

How much experience do you have with power tools?

A. I have a lot of experience – TIED TO OUTCOME 1 – YOU’RE READY!

B. I’ve used them, but I don’t feel 100% Comfortable – TIED TO OUTCOME 2, NOT QUITE READY

C. I’ve never really used them – TIED TO OUTCOME C – NOT A GOOD FIT FOR DIY

It’s that easy.

Step 6: Mapping

Now, it’s time to map your questions to your outcomes. You can do this within your quiz maker tool. Each tool will do this slightly differently, but overall its an easy process.

Your next steps

You’ve successfully found out how to create online quizzes for your home improvement business! Trust me, this could do wonders for your audience and lead generation efforts. Now, the only thing you need to worry about is…

How do you get people to your quiz?

The best ways to do this are through social media marketing and SEO. If you’re experienced in these areas, then you’re all set!

If you’d like to talk to someone who’s experienced in marketing for home improvement and remodeling businesses, I’d love to help drive traffic to your website, your quiz, and generate new leads for your business! Visit to learn more about how I can help!

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