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4 Things Local Business Should Focus On When Using Paid Ads

Why do local business need to leverage social media and more specifically paid ads on social in 2020?

There are a variety of reasons, But number one, you need to be marketing aggressively if you want to stay relevant.

You’re also in a local community where building relationships are very important and I think there’s no better way than social media. You can develop that trust, that sense of credibility and really connect with your audience on a different level.

So how does this apply to you?

Well if you’re reading this, then you are likely a local business owner. Unfortunately there is not a ton of information out there that’s been designed specifically for you.

There’s tons of information for online businesses, e-commerce businesses, coaches. But when it comes to actual local marketing strategy, there’s almost a void in the marketplace.

I want to make sure you have a very clear picture of what you can do to succeed. You also don’t want to become irrelevant in your community. If you have a local business, you’ve worked hard to build that business up.

You want to make sure that you’re going to be for years to come that you are front and center in the minds of the consumers in your community. Maybe what you’re doing right now is working just fine. But you feel like it could be working better potentially what you’re doing is working really well now. But it could stop working so well in the future.

So this is something you should always have in your arsenal when the time is right. I see no better time than right now. This is a great way to do everything your business needs to do to increase your revenue through social media marketing.

You also really have to be aware of the competition in your marketplace. Not only are there other local businesses just like yours in your community. You’re also competing against online or e-commerce businesses in many industries.

There are big corporations that have massive marketing budgets. You’ve got to find a way to stand out. A lot of those big businesses are not doing this type of marketing so it becomes an amazing way to really set yourself apart.

There are things you can focus on to improve your ROI on social, or any marketing platform for your local business.

    Pillar #1 The Right Strategy
    Pillar #1 The Right Offer
    Pillar #3 The Right Content
    Pillar #4 The Follow Up

If you can get these four things right, I can guarantee that you’re gonna see the results that you’re looking for with your paid ads on Facebook, Instagram or even other social media platforms.

Your strategy guides you at every step
Your offer gets your audience excited to convert
Your content builds your audience
Your follow-up converts your leads into customer

Does your business have each of these clearly defined?

If not, you’re already missing out before you ever get started.

We’ll cover these in more detail in the following blogs, but you need to ensure that you’re focusing on not just marketing your local business, but marketing it the RIGHT way, otherwise, you’re destined to waste time and money.

Have questions? Drop them below. Want to talk about working together? Visit alliebloydmedia.com/local-call to schedule a time to talk!

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