How To Create An Effective Offer For Your Local Business Part 2

We have talked about the right offer in the first part of this blog. Today. We will talk about two more offers that can help you with marketing for your local business.

Free or Discounted Introductory Offer

An example would be a laundry delivery service that I’m working with. They need a good offer. Clean laundry is something that people need every single week for the rest of their life. Huge lifetime value!

loss leaders can work really well for people who have great lifetime value. They are really good at upselling. They have either a variety of levels of their product or service. They have just a variety of products and services to offer.

For them, we don’t want someone to just try them once. We want them to try for an entire month at different times so that they can become really excited at the prospect of never having to do this again. It takes several times for people to build a habit especially if this is a continuity offer.

Their offer can be 50% off your first month of laundry delivery. If they were to offer your first load free, could it work bringing leads in? Absolutely!

Is that going to be the right offer to keep them long term? You’re not!

You’re not showing them how much of the difference this is making in their life.

Let’s take for example for restaurants. Some restaurants are oftentimes giving out three different vouchers or coupons such as:

    One could be for your entree
    One could be for your dessert
    One could be for a drink
    One could be for an appetizer

The goal is to get someone to come back three to four times because you’re establishing a great long-term customer. At that point, an event is also an amazing loss later. It’s sort of a mixture of all three of them.

Live Local Events

I have loved using live local events for businesses. It’s not like a celebration event or a grand opening. This is really based on education for the most part.

This is an educational seminar where some of the information you develop in your dated content offer could be something that you teach at a live event. It’s going to bring people to you. You are giving your time for free and that’s really where the loss leader part comes in.

You are probably going to be buying some food. Maybe some gift bags but you are bringing your ideal clients to your physical location. You’re eliminating some of the time and it might take to follow up with all those people because you have them right here in front of you at once.

You can absolutely close a lot of sales from events like those. If you’ve never considered events, I would highly encourage it. It’s one of my absolute favorite offers for local businesses.

With the right system, they can be easy breezy and produce consistent results repeatedly.

Product Preview Offer

Product Review Offer is something that most people would be interested to do. It could be financing or a payment plan which can be a really good one. It could be a time-based incentive. Think about it like a remodeler; giving someone a bathroom remodel in one week instead of one month is a great offer!

It has nothing to do with price. It has to do with time. So if you have a business that in any way could benefit your client by expediting the timeline, you could consider this as your offer.

Your offer could be a bonus with the purchase or it could be a bundle. I love using creative packages and bundles for different businesses. It can be product-based or service-based. People love to feel like they’re either getting a deal by bundling things together or they simply love the convenience of doing that because a lot of times you don’t have to discount that at all.

You’re just packaging something in a way that’s truly unique. Something that drives people to buy from you over someone else.

Good offers overcome objections such as: :


For instance, if what you offer has a skill attached to it, then your offer could include something like various training support bundle to make things much easier and convenient could be included in a bundle.

You’re saving time for someone having to research and find all of these different parts and pieces themselves. You’re giving it to them at once! Time and effort can be a great bundle offer.

We just talked about money is an obvious one. You should really think about where your audience is struggling. Think about what your offer can do to overcome their biggest challenges. Your offer matters! This is not just a discount. It needs to incentivize buyers either to act at all or act now.

You don’t have to come up with a false sense of urgency. However, know that anytime there is some sense of urgency attached. It’s going to work well. This could be a natural sense of urgency for something like an event.

There is an exact date this is happening. You can promote a sense of urgency, maybe it’s based on a holiday. There are a lot of different ways you can use urgency as a motivator however, I do not ever encourage anyone to be dishonest. Done correctly, this can be a great way to get people to act quickly.

Payment Plans

Create packaged payment plans or financing if you have a high ticket product or service. It is an amazing way to have a great offer without even really doing anything different other than coming up with some creative options for your client’s valuable content. While it may be true that anything that’s going to provide a lot of value like educational events or seminars, you want to make sure it addresses objections.

    It could be a special discount or promotion.
    It could offer individual support as I discussed.
    If you’re a gym it could be personal training sessions.
    It could be something that is one-on-one tutoring or where you’re gonna walk through this new product or program with someone so that they better understand it. They’re gonna get more value from it.

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