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The 5-Day Challenge Strategy: How to Turn Content Into Cash

Hello and welcome to the Marketing Ink podcast. I’m your host. Allie Bloyd your favorite local marketing expert agency, owner speaker educator, and two comma club award winner. I’ve helped to local business owners and marketers all over the world. Master social marketing, and improve return on investment each week. You’ll hear from myself, world-class marketers and other industry experts ready to help you grow your local business in this digital era, each episode, you’ll learn how to make more, keep more, serve more, and enjoy your life just a little bit more. So put it on your thinking caps, then get ready to grow your business with Marketing Ink. This episode of Marketing Ink is brought to you by Local marketing mastery at the 12 month mentorship for local business owners and local agency owners.

In this mentorship, you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating a social marketing system complete with all the templates, resources, and frameworks you need to implement fast. This comes with three live calls per week for 12 months, and so much more. If you are a local business or local marketer who is ready to grow and control your customer acquisition, you should apply for local marketing mastery@alliebloydmedia.com forward slash book that’s Allie Bloyd media.com forward slash book. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you, my Content to Cash Strategy so that you may be able to do the same and your business.

My Strategy is the five Day Challenge. So for those of you who are not familiar with what a five day challenge actually is, here’s a quick overview. And then we’re going to go through and look at some of the examples of this. So before I dive in, I’ll give you a quick back story on how I used this, and then we’ll talk a little bit more about those pieces involved and why they’re important. So when I first decided to really aggressively start marketing my business online, ultimately it was when I started my business, I already knew that was an important piece of it. And so one thing that I wanted to do was to educate people, to get them involved and understanding the content education-based marketing is something that I focus on really heavily anyway, and it’s something I have focused on for almost 10 years now.

So it was a very natural fit for me. My services were courses, agency services, and eventually a group mentorship in almost all of those. One of the best indications of who may be a good fit is if they have an interest in learning more about these things, the agency services may be a little bit less because that’s something that you’re doing for someone, but for a course, or for a group mentorship or group coaching or anything of that nature, where they actually need to put in some of the work, the best indication is someone who is willing to put in the work. And so joining a five day challenge is a really great way to tell, Hey, this person is interested and not just a learning, but actually do it as well.

So I got it. I decided to put on my very first five Day Challenge, this was so good three years ago, and I did it a hundred percent organic. And I actually did my first several very organically. When I first started doing these, I did not know I put a huge emphasis on it because I wasn’t launching anything. It was really just something to continue to grow my own way audience, and also to grow a Facebook group. I started at a time Facebook group because I saw the power of having a group in having people that we’re learning from you and communicating with you on a more personal level. I thought it was brilliant. The truth is I didn’t really like it.

I have an interest in trying to grow the group by spending a lot of time, but it was a perfect way to integrate what I was doing in my mind with building that group. The five Day Challenge takes place inside of a Facebook group in order to see the Content, they have to join the group. So I thought that was a great direction to go in. And that’s really ultimately what has grown Yeah in my Facebook group. Overall, I have a group because of it as of my five day challenge is essentially, so that’s something that has also a really strong at the time, the benefit. So the first time that I Put extensive effort in to this five day challenge was really, probably about a year and a half ago.

At this point I had the right, put it in quite a bit of organic effort in to my five day challenges in the past, but this one was different because I was a launching my group program, my group mentorship. I already knew that five day Challenges had worked for me in the past. I’d spent zero money promoting them and I’d made tens of thousands of dollars and it may not have been anything earth shattering, but it was definitely a very strong return on investment. I didn’t need a lot to cover my return on investment because I didn’t spend any money. Right. I actually get those people into this five day challenge. The group program launched. It was very different because I had a goal.

I had it right, an open cart date. I had a start date for the actual program. So I wanted to get as many people as humanly possible into this program without spending a ton of money, because I just wanted to make sure that this is something that I wanted to continue to do. Moving on forward. If this group group program launched, it didn’t go as planned. I wasn’t necessarily gonna put all my friends for me into growing that. So I wanted the first test, the concept before I dumped a lot of money into it. So I think that this is a great thing for anybody listening, you can test things organically before you spend on paid ads, but, and this is a very important, but you have to make sure your even connected with the right types of people first.

So a very important piece of this. If you’re going to be doing this Content to Cash strategy and planning on spending no money on advertising, there is a couple of things that you are going to want to do. I’m not going to have time to go in depth into all of them right now, but luckily I do actually have some videos on these topics on my YouTube channel. Look me up Allie Bloyd Allie Bloyd media. You can learn more about those. If you still need step by step instructions, but ultimately you want to join groups where your ideal avatar exists. So the people that you’re trying to sell it to you, what Facebook groups are they involved in? Then you want to get actively involved in the group that does not mean pitching. That does not mean DM-ing everyone and spamming them with your services.

It means genuinely engaging, responding to questions, thoughtfully and intentionally sharing your expertise with the audience without the next expectation that they are going to buy from you. The more you do that and the more traffic you’re going to drive to your personal profile, the more people will friend request you. And then on the flip side, you need to be adding those people from the group as friends to your personal page. If you’re not spending money on advertising, that personal page becomes a really, really important. And so you want to make sure that your offer, whatever that is, that you have the right types of people on the list who would even be interested in it. Otherwise this will not work. So just let me be clear about that.

If you’ve got all your friends from high school as Facebook friends, and you try this, it’s not going to work the same way because they have zero interest in what you do, unless your business sells to those exact type of people. However, they haven’t necessarily shown an interest in that part of their life where a business. So just something to think about, you want to make sure the right people exist first, and this doesn’t have to take a long time, but you do need to be intentional about it for a week, two weeks, whatever, because you’ve got 5,000 friends that you can add to your list. You want to make sure that those are the people that can help you grow your business. Ultimately. So once you have the right types of people, there’s a couple of different things that you can do organically to get them in this challenge, which were going to talk about in just a few minutes.

But now that we’re kind of up to speed on why I was utilizing the Strategy at all and what I was using it for. Let’s talk about kind of the logistics and the different pieces that are actually happening in this five Day Challenge. So five Day challenge is five days. Each day, you’re teaching this audience something different. You’re sharing a piece with them that is a smaller, more consumable chunk. And then you’re giving them action items, their homework. This is a challenge. This isn’t a webinar where they just learn. This is something that you actually want people to take action. People who take action are much more likely to buy.

OK. 100%, especially if there is a, is an element of them doing something themselves in what you’re offering. You want people who will take action, right? So it’s focused on five days. All right? All of those trainings are between 30 minutes and sometimes 45. I try and keep them at 30 minutes. And so ultimately they’re consuming quite a bit of content for me. You will study show that the more time someone’s spends looking at your face, hearing your voice and learning from you, the easier it will be to close them. So that’s a huge benefit of this strategy, but you’re also not overwhelming people on one day, you’re spreading it out and you’re allowing them to take this homework, right.

And to create quick wins. I think that’s one of the biggest benefits is they start to see themselves implementing the information and actually seeing change and getting really excited, which is what you want someone to be doing. All you truthfully need in terms of technology is a Facebook profile and a Facebook group. If you do not have a funnel or a landing page or anything like that, don’t worry about it yet set up the Facebook group. And then on your custom questions, you wanna ask them what your email address, what’s your name and what’s your business. You know, why do you want to join this challenge? Or if it’s a consumer business, then ask them a question related to what you do.

Why do they want to join this? There is going to be some time to spend collecting all that information, putting it at a spreadsheet because you want to use this to build your list, but you do not have to go through a really extensive tech setup to make this happen. You want to try and get a custom URL for that Facebook group so that it’s easy for you to remember and send to people. And then the next week, right after you’ve already added a few, well, his friends and you’re engaging with people who could be potential prospects on a decently regular basis. Now we actually want to start promoting this five Day Challenge. So now I’m going to go ahead and share my screen with you so that we can take a look at some of the ways that I have used organic content on my personal favorite.

You spoke profile to actually grow this five day challenge audience. So let’s hop on it right over here. I have a dozen examples. I really have way more than that, but this is a great day. Great opportunity for you guys to see a couple of them. So this is actually something that is in my organic growth quick-start course, all of these different posts. Ideas so I’m, I’m just going to show you a few. The first thing that you want to understand about promoting something organically is to remember that you need to start engaging before you start promoting the Facebook algorithm and Instagram algorithm.

They actually look at your engagement over a series of weeks. And if people are engaging with you heavily, they’re going to be more likely to show your future content to that audience on the timeline are the newsfeed. So even if it has nothing to do with what you’re actually going to be promoting or talking about, and your five day challenge, you want to start posting things that will get people to engage. This is a really simple one that anybody can use. I can not work in silence. What’s your favorite thing to listen to you while you work? This concept is asking people to share their opinion with you and people love to give their opinion. So ask for it asks for the engagement.

Then this is one that is an example of a lead magnet post that we are then going to use to get people into the challenge. So it says, I just finished my Facebook targeting checklist for home improvement in real estate pros drop an emoji to below to get it a 173 comments. K. So the reason I show you this one is for a couple of different reasons. Number one, this is a niche specific post. This works best for a niche specific. Challenge obviously not all of my challenges have been niche specific. I worked with local businesses, specifically, local marketers specifically, but I do have an audience that are kitchen and bath Businesses remodelers, things like that.

So I, I have had specific challenges for those audience members. If you do something like this, make sure it lines up with your challenge because that’s going to give you the best result. But clearly I had a lot of kitchen and bath or remodeling Businesses on my friends list. Otherwise this would have fallen totally flat. If you’re putting something out for an audience, that’s never going to see it. People just aren’t going to respond to that. Let’s take a look at a couple of things, right? As you can see, I really like the colored background with the text. What you have to do for those is you’ve got to keep it really short and sweet. You only have so many characters before that colored background is no longer an option, but if it is a, a short text or asking for engagement, this is 100% of the best way to go.

So fill in the blank. People who brag online are blank, 78 comments, people just wanting to share their opinion. This was a really successful lead magnet post. And the coolest thing about this as you don’t even have to have the lead magnet created, I’ve made these two to test what people would think about them before I create them. And I even just say things like I’m thinking about creating this drop a comment, if you’d be interested in getting it for free. So if nobody’s showing engagement, I’m not going to spend my time making that thing. This one was something that I already made for an unrelated reason, but that I wanted to leverage for this challenge. Okay. So this one is, it was one of those that was, you know, I think one of our challenges and it says, I just made the coolest spreadsheet to formulate Facebook ad budget breakdowns in 2.3 seconds, no more spending drop your favorite emoji to get a copy before I start charging for it, 257 comments.

So now the question is we’ve got these engagement posts asking for opinions and thoughts and fill in the blanks and true or false says and all of that, that good stuff. And then we’ve got these lead magnet style posts. We’ll do it. What’s next. So the engagement posts, those are just to build up your engagement on the platform so that when you start promoting and getting ready to launch this, Challenge, you’re going to have an audience. That’s going to see your content without you having to spend for it. These are a little bit different. So I’m actually asking people if they want this thing. So what we do is we send it to them in messenger. You’re going to want to keep this in mind for all of your content, but the more that people are commenting on your post, the more it bumps it up in the algorithm.

So with anything like this, you want to respond to comments and small groups, five or 10 comments at a time. You do not want to comment on all of them or respond to all of them at the same time. You want to do it in batches. So your content is constantly being pushed up to the top of the newsfeed. So what we’ll do is we’ll go through, we’ll do about 10 at a time, depending on how many we have, then we’re going to say like, awesome check messenger. Awesome. Sent those to you in messenger. Great. I’ll send this over in messenger. So same thing, but a variation you don’t want to copy and paste the exact same thing. Then we send it in messenger and we say, Hey, here’s the link to this spreadsheet you asked for. I really hope you enjoy it. If you have any questions, let me know, by the way, I’m going to be hosting a five Day Challenge covering something just like this on Facebook ads for beginners, we’ll cover budgeting in that challenge.

If you want to sign up, let me know. And if they say Yeah, you can send them to the Facebook group link. Or if you have a landing page, you can actually send them to the landing page. So if you want to actually promote the challenge in the lead magnet itself, that’s another option. Put a piece of text that says, sign up for it. Now for my free five Day Challenge click here, or you could give them the URL to go to. That is also another option, but I did still tell them about it manually because you’re right, you got to be in a conversation with them anyway. So this is a great opportunity to start conversations in messenger. Let’s take a look at a couple others. I want to see if I can find something that is a little bit different.

So this is one just about right. You know, volunteer work. This is it. There’s one. That’s just, you know, about my life in my vacation and me and my daughter. So it doesn’t have to be anything specifically about your business. This one is a video talking about different results for my clients over the last couple of months. So this is a great way to get people watching the video, but also to make sure that they’re very clear on what you mean you do. So this is another one about results. That is something you really want to talk about. Another video. I actually got a speaking engagement off of this. Then just promoting the great things that are going on in your life in business.

That’s important. You want people to see those things. So I’m just quite a wide variety of content types. Now lets take a look at the actual challenge itself. So this is from my last challenge and this is day one of the Challenge. Okay. So again, we have two topics that we cover each day. This one had a 685 posts reach. So I have, you know, over 2200 people in this group, almost a a hundred percent of that is from doing Challenges. If I’m honest and this reached about a third of them, so we’ve got 42 likes and a 133 comments on that day one. Okay.

So I’m going to scroll through, and these are not actually an order right now. Normally I do pinned posts. I Mark these as announcements and then after the challenge is over, actually take them out of the group. I’ll upload them to YouTube or something else, but I want people to actually participate during the challenge because that’s like the selling cycle. So I don’t want them to think there are always going to be around and there normally not. So I saved these for this specific reason so that we can go back and look at them. So this is Day too. So we’ve got drop a live or a replay and then we got the homework and then we tell him about the next day. So this one has 75 comments C if this is, this is a stain number five, actually.

So this one also had 75 comments. And this is the first time that I really dive deep into what I’m offering. So you want to mix in and sprinkle in the content that relates to what you actually want to sell them. So if I’m talking about a coarse, I’m going to, you know, throw in little tidbits and details about the course throughout that five day challenge. But day five is really where you want to talk all about it. ’cause people who’ve made it to the end. There are very qualified prospects at that point. So make sure that you are very intentionally pitched what you’re offering and tell him what to do next. The next thing that you want to do is give them a very specific reason to show up today.

Five, if nothing else, because you actually want them to see that pitch. So what I do is I do a giveaway and I’ll usually do a really great one. Like I gave away a one year scholarship or you know, 12 month mentorship program. Somebody want an entire year of coaching for free. And I give those prizes to the people who win them. So I tell people, if you stay till the end and you have to stay up to the end, you qualify to win one year of free coaching and a mentorship for 12 months. So I don’t do that giveaway announcement until the very end. I tell people that they need to comment. Like if you are live right now, this is what you got to do.

You have to comment right now. So I know that you are watching this and then we are going to scroll through and have somebody close their eyes and, and pick out who is going to be the winner. So that really encourages people to show up on that last day, if nothing else. And you also really want to make it a good price. So they’re going to want to say, but then you can ensure that more people are going to hear that pitch in Day five. This was another one. This was day three at 97 comments. So lots of great engagement. I’m going to try and see if there’s any additional ones. So what we also do when we are, you are promoting this Challenge is that we want to make sure that they’re getting reminders about it.

If you don’t have an email automation or a text message automation system, yet, I really want to encourage you to think about that. But bare minimum, you’ve got to be doing that manually. We’ve got to make sure that you remind people to let them know what’s about to start, but you let them know when you’re going to go live. The more people that will show up alive, the better your challenge will go. So whether it’s automated or whether it is manual, you’ve got to do that. We have a completely automated system that is already set up. And so I really didn’t have to do much besides just get people in the first campaign. And the rest is going to run very smoothly from there. And this is just, you know, one of those things, it’s like a live event or a webinar, or if people forget, they they’re just less inclined to go back after the fact and watch it.

However, we do also send the replay links. After each day, we send a recap with the homework. We want to make sure people are seeing those things in the formats that they prefer, whether it’s through Facebook notification or email or text message. I’ll just show you a couple of things from the group specifically. So this is a post in my Facebook group. I told you, my PA my Facebook group only has about 2200 people. There are 496 comments with a 1,600 posts reach on this one post its another example of that lead magnet colored background style posts. I almost reached my entire group with this post and had almost 500 comments with this post.

This is one more thing to get people engaged with you, to get them consuming your content. And then you’re going to be able to convert them if no one ever consumed your Content very unlikely that they are going to close. So you want to do everything you can. This was right before one of the challenges. So again, engaging, not only on your profile, but keeping people excited that have already joined the group. You want those people to make a post. You want them to say, Hey, this is what I do. This is who I am in. This is why I joined the challenge here is what I’m most excited to learn. So as we get people joining, I’ll do one of those new member welcome posts that is actually prompted for you. If you’re the group admin every so often, maybe like twice a week, once a week, it depends on, you know how far out I’m promoting this, but tell them Welcome so glad to have you take a moment.

Don’t comment on this post, make your own posts. And the group tells us who you are, what you do and what you’re most excited to learn from the Challenge. So again, getting them really integrated into the group and into the fabric of your community. So to speak right away, we can also take a look at just a couple of these stats. And so you can see the growth that’s happening from these challenges. So this was from November 4th to December 1st. So this is the active members. You can see those big spikes and this is the last 28 days. I don’t actually think I’ve had a challenge in the last 28 days.

So look at this that’s Challenge growth. Okay? You get so many people to join during those periods. It’s a very, very important. And then if you look at December 4th, 2019 to December 2nd, 2020, you can clearly see those big spikes. Those are challenges. So, you know, four of those, I do them about once a quarter, that’s pretty standard. It’s very easy to see the growth that happens in a Facebook group. So now I’ve got this group. I don’t have to reach those people with paid ads. If I don’t want to, I can really use the group as a lead generation tool in a way to get people really just, you know, in tune with me and my business and all of that good stuff.

So this is the long and short of the five Day Challenge Content to Cash strategy. There’s a lot more that we do at this point in terms of Ads automations all of our campaigns and getting people to close. But this is if you don’t really have money to spend on Content or on ads, but you still want a really amazing content strategy. That’s exactly what this is. So when I first started, I told you that I used this for that group program launch. So let me tell you what happened with that. I got hundreds of people in to this challenge. I did end up spending $2,000 on ads, but only a thousand dollars of that was promoting the Challenge.

The other 2000 was promoting the program to those challenges. So a thousand dollars on ad spend, I think I had 600 people in that challenge and I made $60,000 from that initial launch. So you can see the return on investment is huge. That gave me everything I needed to know to know if that was something I needed to focus on significantly moving forward. It was it’s something that I still do really heavily to this day. And hopefully this has been helpful for you to see that this is something that you can do. The only thing you really need is knowledge of your subject. Matter the desire to want to share that and engage with people and the ability to just go on camera and get it done.

If you’re stressed about it, the best way to do it, it should just do it. You’ll never get better unless you practice. And this isn’t a one hit wonder Strategy this is something you can do over and over. I’ve had people participate in all of my Challenges like every single one, the same person I’m I’m getting people that they do them time and time again, because they still are interested. They still want to learn. So it’s not like you have one opportunity and then nothing. If you’re getting them in the Facebook group, they’re going to see you more and more and you can practice and you can do live videos and you can really become that person that is committed to educating them on this topic. Thank you so much for listening today. And I hope you loved the episode.

Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a five-star review of this podcast is really helping you grow or start your local business. If you want to connect in between episodes and talk Marketing you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube at Allie Bloyd media. And if you’d like to learn about the options that we offer for local businesses visit Allie Bloyd media.com until next time I’m thrilled to be a part of your journey and long live Local.

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