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Apple iOS 14 Update, the Impact on your Facebook Ads and Why I’m Not Stressing!

Hey, everybody. Today’s episode is going to cover Apple iOS 14 Update and what it means for your Facebook ads. I wanted to make a quick invitation for everyone listening to Join My FREE Facebook Group called remodel your Marketing local business growth community, so that we can continue these conversations. You can get access to free trainings, free resources, and connect with a group of like-minded local business owners and marketers. Again, it’s called remodel your Marketing local business growth community. And I hope to see you inside. Enjoy the episode. Hi guys. Today we are talking about none other than Facebook, and Apple going head to head with Apple’s iOS 14 Update.

I’m sure you’ve been hearing a lot about this. And most likely it’s been very concerning to you. I’ve seen a ton of marketers and business owners freaking out over this new Update, but I run it really I’ve been cool, calm and collected. And so have my students, the reason why is because I’ve been preparing myself for this day for quite some time. And the strategy that we use does not rely entirely on a Facebook a third party tracking data to ensure that we’re getting the best results. So truthfully, if you follow my AB three Ad strategy, this should not be a tremendous loss or upset for you.

So what I want to do is make sure that everyone does understand what the iOS 14 Update is going to do to your Facebook ads and how you can follow that AB three, a method to be able to Bulletproof your business against these changes. The first thing we’ll cover is the Update itself. So Apple recently I was very much in the news because they book was essentially telling them that they did not want to comply with the new requirements for apps on the Apple app store. These changes that Apple wants to implement are focused on privacy and transparency.

So we’ll get into some of the hypocrisy of that later, but ultimately what they’re saying is if an app wants to be on our platform, they need to play by our rules. And our new rules are that if you’re going to be tracking users, you need to ask for their permission and explicitly tell them what you want to use their data. For personally, I think it would be pretty easy for Facebook to simply comply with this order and be very transparent about what they are tracking and why they are using it. We all that Facebook has a long history of unethical behavior and that behavior has only gotten worse and worse in the last year.

So it’s no, it’s no surprise that user’s do not trust them. We know that the data that they are collecting from us is not simply being used for advertising. It’s not being used just to help small businesses. This data is being used in a nefarious way. Otherwise they would not have had the scandals they’ve had in the past. And they would have no problem being transparent, right. And telling its users exactly why it wants their data. So they’ve kind of gotten themselves into a pickle because of that. If they had a good standing history of being transparent and not using its power for evil people would not be so dead set on opting out of their tracking.

However, as the marketer, I see this is a clear opportunity for the app to explain why it wants to track. And it is in fact, all for the good hearted reason of helping small businesses. I do believe with the right messaging, you can get people to not opt out of that. People do have a soft spot for small businesses and local businesses. However, as we’ll talk about it in a little bit, Facebook is exploiting that when their concern is not necessarily for that Group, so app store does not want any of the apps to be tracking without user permission.

Facebook did not want to comply with this. Ultimately they did end up complying because they would be removed from Apple’s app store. Most people utilize Facebook through the app. I think there are only about 18% of people that use desktop and app, and only about 2% or less of users use only the desktop version. So what that means is if you are going to be banned from the Apple app store, which has at least 50% of the market share in terms of the devices that people are utilizing, then you are going to seriously limit your reach.

You’re going to seriously limit new downloads and it is going to hurt the company’s bottom line. So instead of taking ownership for a second fact, that they have made very poor data and privacy mistakes in the past, and that they want to do a better job, but this is why we need users to not opt-out of tracking. They could absolutely do this. If we’re perfectly honest, we know that Mark Zuckerberg can make a statement. And everybody in this room, media is going to cover that he also owns Facebook and Instagram. So exactly like he did with the election. He could put a little header at the top, have Facebook and Instagram ads and let people know why this matters and that they are not going to be using your data in a negative way, but they don’t do this, which tells me a lot.

If they’re not doing this it’s because they want to continue. The business model that they’ve been utilizing, which is selling its users. The program is FREE because we are for sale. Our data is for sale, and you may be asking yourself, man. And she seems very not fond to Facebook for someone who is business is literally built around Facebook and Instagram ads. And you might be right. I ultimately, I’m not a Facebook and Instagram marketer. I’m a marketer. I’ve been doing all forms of marketing for the last 10 years. And while I do love the ability that these platforms give to local businesses like my clients and my own business, I can in no way support the actions of Mark Zuckerberg or their leadership, because they have proven that they simply do not care about small businesses or about the users about their mental health, about their data, about their privacy.

And they have actually been far more involved in helping the actual government harm individuals by allowing certain things to happen. So, yes, I am very much against their business practices at this point. Does that mean that I’m going to stop using these platforms? No, because these platforms are literally an amazing source of revenue for local businesses everywhere. And at a time when local businesses need to be focused on staying in business and growing, it’s simply not smart to do that. However, what we can do is speak up. If we’re not happy with these business practices, let our voices be heard and try and protect ourselves in our businesses, from the changes that could negatively impact our advertising.

So now that you have a background on what this actually is, the question is what is this going to do to your Facebook ads? So the biggest thing that Facebook has said is this is going to hurt small businesses. Don’t you understand? Well, again, that is my sentiment. Nothing that hurts small businesses is something that I can support. However, we know from Facebook’s actions that small businesses, especially those in America are not a top priority by any stretch of the imagination. When COVID hit local businesses were hurt.

The worst. There is no question about that. Did Facebook go all-in on supporting it, small business clients. I know it did create a $100 million Yeah grant worldwide, for sure. A select number of Businesses ultimately the grant, which was an ad credit amounted to about $3,300 per business. And while that’s not something to scoff at and necessarily spreading that type of money out so significantly doesn’t really do any good for anyone. It really doesn’t.

They actually have the gall to say that people were gonna be able to pay their rent. And there are expenses with this money after nine months, in some cases of shutdowns, you think $3,300 is going to help these businesses get back on their feet. I don’t think so. And on the contrary, they spent over and I say, they, Mark Zuckerberg spent over $400 million and gave it to at the center for tech and civic life. Ultimately this nonprofit organization paid off local government officials and election workers in a very select group of States and cities, including putting ballot boxes, very strategically, in unguarded throughout our cities States and this country.

But again, only in select areas. So Mark Zuckerberg has the money to donate instead of caring about his actual clients, business owners, he is worried more about our political election process. He’d donated four times more money to that cause then the, because of small businesses. So, no, I do not think your concern lives with small businesses. They also get most of their revenue from big corporations advertising with them. So again, I am not trying to bite the hand that feeds me so to speak. I appreciate the opportunity is that these platforms have given us, do I think that if they were to poof and disappear tomorrow, but I would not find an equally effective way to market my business and the businesses of my clients.

I absolutely would. The system that I have in place can work with any advertising platform and while Facebook and Instagram is the primary platform that we focus on. It does not mean it has to be. So I’m willing to change and adapt as time goes on because that’s what good business owners and good marketers have to do. So many people that I’ve seen have really said, this is going to totally because all of my campaigns to fail my business is going to fail. And the truth is if that’s your mindset, that one iOS Update can literally crush your business. You did not have a business that was built on a strong foundation.

You were running this business with the risk of it, failing at any time, because you did not have the infrastructure or the skills to back it up. Long-term so that’s the first thing that anybody needs to do was really beef up their skills in marketing, not just these ad platforms, because that can be translated to any form of advertising delivery in terms of the Facebook tracking pixel. So this is really where the impact is happening from the iOS Update the Facebook tracking pixel is something that is installed on websites that allows Facebook to track.

User’s not just that are clicking on websites from Facebook, but even when they’re off Facebook, for most people, they stay logged in on the app. And so you can really track anywhere and everywhere that they have been. If you don’t believe me, go into your settings in your personal page, Facebook profile, and then take a look at the off platform activity. It’s not the easiest thing to find, but I promise you, it is in there, check it out. And you’ll see a list of just about everywhere that you’ve gone on the internet, which was very enlightening to see it right there in front of you. So that’s the data that Facebook is tracking among other things.

I personally believe that there are a lot of people out there already, such as myself that are using VPNs. So a VPN protects your data. It hides your IP address so that Google, Facebook, Amazon, any of these companies that are tracking our every move and then selling it to the highest bidder for whatever purpose. We’re not sure if it prevents them from being able to tie that information back to you. I also use a private search browser called duckduckgo. So ultimately most of my activity is not being tracked as it is because of that. I would be experiencing the same customer experience that one might have if they were not being tracked.

I still see ads. I still get content. I still have a good on a platform experience. So this is already happening to a certain degree. It’s not something that these platforms want to talk about it because truth be told they don’t want to bring up VPNs to anyone because that’s not something that they want their client base using that there are a ton of people are already using things like that, myself included. So what this will do is allow people to opt-out of being tracked in the same way that you see on websites, these cookie notifications, you can accept them where you can reject them.

They are saying that this is going to significantly hurt a couple of things. First, the ability to target and reach target, which will dive into that a lot more. And just a second, the ability to track conversion events, such as sales and, and the ability to get really good at it. Audiences from things like look alike audiences. So I personally, again, am not very upset about this. I do think that it would be promising that Apple was implementing this, except for the fact that Apple as well has also been engaged and very nefarious activity.

They were one of the businesses that are in a coordinated attempt, had parlor removed from the internet, so to speak in a week. Okay. And anyone who says, well, parlor deserves it. Let me ask you, have you ever been on Reddit? Because if you have, you would know that that its a content for free for all. There is, there is so much crazy information on Reddit. It blows my freaking mind yet. No one says anything about them. No one tries to take them down. So this isn’t about one site, not having content moderation, its about the wishes of a leadership deciding what’s so key on the internet and what’s not.

So because of that, it’s very hard for me to apply to anything they do. Even under the guise of consumer privacy in terms of their own privacy. However, these things do not impact them. That is what has kind of hilarious. Their own products do not require that that notice be given. And what it also is going to do for some businesses is forced them to have in app purchases that allows Apple to get a cut of that revenue. So the same way that Facebook is actually only concerned about their bottom line and not small businesses. Apple is also only concerned about their bottom line and not their user base and Not privacy, their all in it for themselves.

So I think the sooner we can just accept that as truth, the easier it will be to make decisions moving forward in terms of the ability to track. This is where I’m not that concerned. So we are going to go over the different steps that you need to be taking to ensure that you can still really effectively utilize Facebook and Instagram ads. So the very first thing that I want you to know is that your custom audiences are the most important thing that you could be focused on right now. A custom audience is someone who could watch a video of yours is someone who could go to your website.

It, someone who fills out a Facebook lead form, it could be someone who uses the canvass in app experience as a sort of this mobile landing page that lives inside of Facebook. It also could be from customer list or your email list. So on the same note that we’ve been talking about, you need to be focused on growing your email list because it truly is the only asset that you own. If you were to be kicked off of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, any of these platforms, the following that you have built, they’re essentially is gone. You have no repercussion in terms of getting it back and yes, sometimes your account’s will come back.

I’ve had so many ad accounts and personal access restricted shut down. I’ve always gotten them back because I’m not doing anything wrong. But the truth is that there is no one to hold them accountable to only disabling people who are legitimately doing things wrong. So you need to prepare yourself for if that should happen. You don’t want to build your house on borrowed land, so to speak. So building your email list gives you a lot of power because you can use that as a custom audience. One of my favorite ways to do this is with video view audiences, videos that stay inside of Facebook do not rely on third party tracking videos that stay inside Instagram.

I do not rely on third-party tracking. Let’s say you were promoting a blog. There is going to be a pixel on your own website. But even that click to that blog, that’s going to be tracked inside of Facebook lead forms. Those are tracked inside of Facebook, that canvas experience trapped inside of Facebook engagement ads. Those are tracked inside of Facebook. What I’m describing to you right now essentially is level one of the AB three method. This method is really focused at first and foremost on building a warm audience of people who know you like you and trust you.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do this is by running educational video view campaigns or traffic campaigns, two blogs or engagement style ads that are focused on a likes comments and shares. That is step one of our process regardless. And if you do this the right way by selecting the right topics, the simple act of those people watching those videos or engaging with that content shows you that the intent is there for your product or service intent is the most important thing that we need when determining who is someone we want to advertise our offer to our intent is not always something that Facebook can tell by looking at your search history.

Yes, it definitely is going to tell them a lot, but in the moment, actions such as watching a one minute video on social media, when you could have very easily continue to scroll, that is something that will show you, who is interested. If you build these audiences, you will then have the ability to read target those actions no matter what happens with third-party tracking. So again, I’ve been doing this for years. This is what I’ve always taught my students to do. And so you can see why we’re just not so concerned about how this is going to impact us. The next thing we can talk about is for conversions because if the standard event code that goes with the pixel is not able to be tracked, that will impact data on your ads dashboard.

For me personally, and for a lot of my clients, the schedule event is something we pay very close attention to how much are we paying for a scheduled call or an appointment? So if for some reason that is not accurate, it can impact your decision making in terms of which ads you leave on, which ads you turn off. Because of that, it’s a very, very important that you’d do a couple of things. One of those things could be to attempt to use Facebook lead forms or that canvas an app experience. There are negatives to using these, but can be overcome one of the biggest ways to utilize them as in conjunction with text messaging.

So the conversions on those two options, those happen inside of Facebook. So we do not need that pixel code to track it. However we do Track how many scheduled calls or appointments happened after, and that still takes place on the website. So what you need to make sure you’re doing is utilizing a CRM and very clearly tracking your own scheduled calls and appointments. I use a high level. This is our CRM that is also does tracking this also does call tracking appointment booking. And more because of that, I don’t need to see my Ads dashboard to know how many scheduled appointments I’ve gotten from my Ads.

What I can’t do it at a glance is determined, which ad it came from. But I can do that by looking at the activity of those different booked calls and by adding tracking parameters to some of these specific Ads, that is something I can look at in Google analytics. So there are ways to continue to track this. I have not yet seen a significant impact on that, but I think the only time will tell, however, you still have options of tracking these things. Unfortunately, usually the lowest cost per lead is not the lowest cost per scheduled call or in person appointment. So you have to be paying attention to that.

You can’t just say we’ll all focus only on the lowest cost per lead because truthfully there is typically not a direct correlation. There would, I do want to encourage you to do is start to look into some of these things go high level. That is the URL for the CRM. This is an amazing program that does a lot of different things. And I am coming out with a lot of content on this program coming up, but if you want to check it out, I’m going to put a link in the show notes to give you a two week free trial with a special bonus inside that account. If you use my link. So check it out and just get acquainted with it and see what it can do. All make sure to have an overview video on YouTube.

If you guys want to take a look at what the capabilities really are before using it. So again, there are ways to track this. They’re saying that e-commerce can seriously be effected because of their sales conversion numbers. And that could absolutely be true. However, I focus on working with local businesses and marketers working with local businesses. So those scheduled calls and appointments are the most important thing to us, not just those sales conversions. So there are ways to overcome it. The next thing is the quality of your audiences. So if you are using a lot of lookalike audiences, this could be impacted because those lookalikes are based off of third party data, your uploading list, or you’re taking your web traffic.

And you’re essentially saying, Facebook find some people that look like these people in terms of their core common characteristics. So the only way that they would really know that is things that have happened on their platforms or a third-party data. So if you have a business where people actively engage with that type of content related to your business on these platforms, you might not have a huge problem, but if you’re a business where they really only know that someone’s interested in something based on the other websites they go to, you may be in for a little jolt in terms of what’s working for you. That does not mean you cannot overcome it. However, I encourage you to focus on building your own custom audiences with local businesses.

We primarily are using a little bit more broad data and not a lot of interests or look-a-likes for a cold traffic, which was at level one of those are going to be those educational videos, those blogs there’s engagement campaigns. And once you get people engaged to see who’s interested, those are the people that then get sent through the rest of the campaigns and down towards the bottom of the funnel. So that cold traffic audience is really the only thing we have to worry about here. Most of our clients are going to have a much better opportunity simply by doing their geographic targeting such as zip codes or radiuses.

Also their demographic targeting such as gender age and sometimes life events like is this a parent? Is this somebody that has another type of actual life characteristic that can directly be tracked back to Facebook? Those are the things we’re already using. ’cause they work the best overall most local areas. They’re too small to even really use interest targeting and really do a good job. So look like a CS that could be impacted, but it is not a main characteristic of all of our level one campaigns. If you can do that in your own business, you’re going to see very similar results.

If you’re a marketer who’s advertising nationally, you can do very similar things to what we just talked about. Get custom lists and email lists. You can still try lookalikes. And again, it really depends on what they know about people on those platforms that will determine the quality of that list, but you should be doing audience testing. Anyway, we can never just rely on one thing to work forever. Those video view audiences, those can sometimes be built really, really affordably from very cold audiences. And those types of audiences can grow really large and they can be really strong based on the content presented.

So you don’t even have to do with that significant of interest targeting. There are also some businesses that have a, an API connection with Facebook. When you log in to them, that is something that Facebook would know about its users. If somebody uses these programs because they’re logging in through Facebook. So I often use different computer programs for my targeting, because that will tell you a lot about what someone does based on the tools that they use. So guys, there is a lot going on here, but it does not mean that all of your results are going to dry out. It may mean that if you’re not already doing the things that I’ve covered today, that you’re going to need to change that if you want help with implementing these strategies, implementing a system that delivers leads, scheduled calls their appointments, trackable results, and a return on investment, you really need to check out my local marketing mastery and the local agency accelerator program.

I truly am so proud of the work that we do in that program because I help business owners every single day, implement these things with ease. I get on them, live on zoom three times a week, and we literally do these technical implementation steps live on the call. We cover strategy, but getting that live tech support where I can work through your screen and give you very clear instructions on your next steps. There’s very few things that are better than that. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself. So if you want to check that out, please visit Allie Bloyd forward slash Book. And you can schedule a call with me or my team to talk about what that might look like, and if it’s even a good fit for you, that’s by far not the only option that we have, but it is something that I find really important because the price point allows a lot of businesses to take advantage of it.

The life support allows my students to get so much out of it. And then it comes with literally almost every resource I’ve ever created, templates of everything I’ve ever used and a library of videos. I’m well into the hundreds at this point on different programs, skills, and strategies and topics. So I would highly encourage you guys to check that out, give yourself some peace of mind that you’re not in this alone, that you can get really great support and advice from someone on the fly. Whenever you need it to implement these systems, make the right decisions and ultimately help your business or the business of your clients grow.

Don’t freak out about this. Update follow the steps I listed and you will be in a great position. I literally don’t feel that I have to change anything to accommodate for this update. And that would be my hope for you as well. So thanks for listening today. I really hope you enjoyed it. If you wanna share your experience with this new iOS, Update shoot me an email or go to our website. Marketing Ink You can send me a little note through that form or again, schedule a call and let us know yourself, but things again and hope you guys can tune in next time. God bless.

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