Allie Bloyd Perpetual Traffic

Allie Bloyd Featured on Digital Marketer’s Perpetual Traffic!

“You are a Complete Powerhouse. What a Wealth of Knowledge you just shared!” – Molly Pittman

On Tuesday, I checked something major off of my bucket list. I was a featured guest on my very favorite podcast, which happens to be one of the top Facebook Ads Podcasts in the WORLD!

One of the hosts, Molly Pittman, is someone I’ve looked up to in marketing for years, so to hear that from someone I respect so much in this industry was the coolest thing ever!

Apart from that, I’ve been overwhelmed by the response of listeners this week!

Digital Marketer’s Podcast, Perpetual Traffic, focuses a lot on e-commerce and national businesses, but I got an opportunity to educate listeners on the local business strategies I’ve used to generate 7+ figures in sales.

Just knowing that this has already impacted business owners and marketers across the world makes my heart really smile.

While I shared SO much in our 45 minute session, I tried to do it in a way that is easy to understand and that can give businesses of all sizes and types some great ideas on how they can level up their digital marketing and truly start to see a trackable ROI.

So the big question…how can you check it out?


So give it a listen, and then please reply back and let me know what you thought!

I’d love to hear from you and clarify any questions you had about the episode!

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